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The Best & Worst of 2010

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futuresounds.comAs the end of the year approaches, the “Top of 2010″ lists proliferate. I will compile some of my own this year: The top 10 places I visited in 2010; The best surprises of 2010; The top 10 books I read this year; Best achievements of the year. But for the purpose of this blog, following are some more renowned lists, featuring the best & worst of the year and the decade–because lets not forget, we are at the end of a decade.


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And for those already looking ahead, here are some of the top destinations for 2011:

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The Basel Kunstmuseum

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IMG_9757The Basel Kunstmuseum attracted quite a bit of attention last year thanks to its special exhibition featuring landscape paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. Currently, it is offering another prime exhibit of Andy Warhol paintings and drawings from the early 1960s (open until January 23, 2011). But the museum’s permanent collection is worth a visit as well, if you are in the neighborhood. The collection overall is not fantastic—in fact, a lot of it is rather mediocre—but there are a number of jewels worth seeing, including the following works:
Chagall’s Jew in Green
Emil Nolde’s Gentleman and Lady (Lady with a Fur)
Picasso’s Two Brothers and His Seated Harlequin
Adrian Van Ostade’s Three Drinking and Smoking Farmers in a Tavern
Henri Rousseau’s The Muse Inspiring the Poet
Camille Pissarro’s The Gleaners
Paul Gaugin’s When Are You Getting Married? (brilliant title, by the way)
…and, last but not least, Claude Monet’s Chrysanthemum Bed (in my opinion, more passionate and expressive than his famous lilies).
TIP: the museum is free between 4 and 5 p.m.

Valle di Lodano – *NEVE*SNOW*

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Ecco alcune bellissime fotografie scattate da Daniele Oberti settimana scorsa sopra la Valle di Lodano:

Vista aerea della Valle di Lodano

Vista aerea della Valle di Lodano

Alpe i Pii (m. 1607)

Alpe i Pii (m. 1607)

Rifugio Alpe Canaa (1843 m)

Rifugio Alpe Canaa (1843 m)

Recentemente il Patriziato di Lodano ha istituito la prima Riserva forestale della Vallemaggia nella Valle di Lodano. La Riserva forestale della Valle di Lodano si estende su 582 ettari ed è una delle tre più grandi riserve cantonali, assieme a quelle della Valle di Cresciano e della Valle Onsernone.

Daniele Oberti è nato nel 1982 ed è cresciuto a Giubiasco. Vive e lavora a Zurigo per l’Istituto di Neuroinformatica. Nel tempo libero scatta fotografie: ritratti, paesaggi e – spesso accompagnando il fratello in elicottero – vedute aeree.

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